According to wiseGEEK, a travel club is “an organization that plans group tours to various destinations around the world.” They go on to explain that sometimes they operate independently while other clubs may actually just be a branch of a larger tourism company. 

There tends to be two key reasons for why a person or couple would join such a group. The first is that they might enjoy networking with others that are interested in the same types of travel they are. The other major selling point is that because you often travel in a very large group, you in theory get great deals due to having much more buying power available than if you’re traveling solo.

One thing to be sure of though is that most travel groups are going to cater to a certain type of traveler – adventure travelers or beach goers for example, and there’s little mixing and matching. Additionally, almost all of them are going to have some type of membership fee.  

The fee is what’s most suspect in regard to whether a travel club is legitimate or whether it’s somewhat scammy. If you have to pay a few hundred dollars to save over a thousand, that might not be too bad. But, if you need to pay thousands and end up saving only the equivalent to what you paid while having your travel options severely limited, or worse, your savings are less than your fees, you might be getting ripped off. 

No matter the case, this is Not a Travel Club. I hope one day this will be a full-fledged travel community. 

For full transparency,  I proudly admit I made this site for selfish purposes. I made it with the intent that it forces me to get out of the house. While I love traveling, I am also a bit of a homebody. When you add the fact that I work remotely and don’t have an office to commute to on the daily, entire weeks can go by where I barely venture more than 10 minutes away from where I eat and sleep. 

The working theory and goal of this website then that if I want it to grow, I must force myself to get out and about. Hopefully, one day it can motivate you to do the same.