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Want to Share Your Travel Experiences?

The goal of NaTC is not just for one person to share their travel experiences, but for many people to join in. One person can only spend so much time on the road, visit so many countries, stay at so many hotels, eat at so many restaurants, and try so many activities. But, when multiple people contribute, the world becomes a much smaller place. 

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Why Contribute?

Reach New People - By contributing to the Not a Travel Club community you gain the ability to reach new people and share your experiences with them.

Promote Your Expertise - There are so many people interested in traveling the way you do that don't even know where to start. Show them the ropes and promote yourself in the process.

Hold Yourself Accountable - It's easy to dream about traveling more, but it's also easy to leave it as a dream and not follow through. When you want to write about it, you have to do the legwork and make the trips.

How to Get Started

If you're serious about contributing to NaTC and want to learn more about the requirements and expectations, get in touch with us here: contribute[at]