Green Door Bar in Taipei: Our Review

To be perfectly upfront and transparent, this wasn't my first rodeo as far as the Green Door kitchen & dart bar goes. The fact that I've spent quite a few nights here when there are so many other options in Taipei City should give you a pretty big hint on how I feel about it. 

But, everyone has different preferences. What I like might turn you away. I highly doubt that, but you never know. 

So, keep on reading to see if the Green Door is a place you feel you want to check out. 

Good Food & Drink for Fair Prices


One of the biggest reasons I like to stop by the Green Door when I am in Taipei is that it's one of the more reasonably priced places to grab a drink. The beer runs about the same as most places at around $5.00 USD per ice cold glass, but the mixed drinks are a steal. 

Some of your standards like Cosmopolitans and Manhattans will only run you about $6.50 USD, which is a steal in a city like Taipei. They have more expensive options too, but if you avoid any of the super fancy drinks, you can minimize the damage done to your wallet. 

cold beverages

They also have a nice assortment of very delicious food that spans from traditional Chinese options like Kung Pao Chicken to western offerings like pizza. I didn't try the pizza, but it looked pretty darn good for pub pizza in Asia.  

A Delightful Ambiance

While the food and drink is good, the real hook in my opinion is the old time feel and ambience you get. And, it's about as real as it gets as this place is over 40 years old, which is a rarity is fast changing Asian cities. 

established 1977

There are plenty of foreigner bars in Taipei City, but this is not one of them. It caters mostly to locals. But, it still has the look and feel of a western pub. 

bar and bottles

However, if you don't speak a single word of Mandarin, it's OK. The Green Door is located in specific area of the Zhongshan District nicknamed the Combat Zone. 

The area got its name from when it was a much more active. There were a strip of bars that catered to American soldiers that were stationed it Vietnam. It served as a safe R&R destination. 

That means those working there had some level of English. For whatever reason, that trend seems to have survived. 

no bad words

Aside from the reasonable prices, good food, and a welcoming relaxing atmosphere, the back of the bar sports a dart board to give you something to do while catching up with friends.

dart board

But, sometimes when there's a large party at the nearest table, darts are a no go as the staff doesn't want any errant throws impaling a customer. 

That is not an unreasonable policy. 

Getting There

Getting to the Green Door is pretty easy. It's just a short 10-minute walk from the Zhongshan Junior High MRT station. You'll want to use exit 1. Google Maps should be able to point you in the right direction from there. 

When you're in the general area, just look for the actual green door.

real green door

You could also use a taxi or an Uber, but you'll need the address for those -

  • Chinese Version: 台北市中山區德惠街6-1號, 104 Taipei, Taiwan
  • English Version: No. 6-1, Dehui Street, Zhongshan DistrictTaipei City, 10491

If the weather is nice I highly recommend using the MRT over a taxi though as it's cheaper and it also let's you check out the surrounding area, which has some other small bars and eateries. 

Overall Experience

The Combat Zone definitely has a bit of a seedy feel to it. But, the Green Door is on the fringe and not located in the main drag. Also, that main drag tends to be drying up with only the nicer establishments surviving.

It's a really fun and laid back place to get some last night spirits and accompanying drunchies.

You might not want to make it the focal point of your evening, but it's perfect for either kicking off a night on the town or having one last night cap before heading to bed as it stays open really late, sometimes past 5:00 AM. It generally opens late too around 7:00 PM, so it's not a good choice for day drinking or early dinners.

As I started out this review mentioning I have visited a few times, I'm sure I'll visit again. That alone should speak volumes about my overall experience. 

You can see more pictures and keep up with what's happening  at the Green Door here

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