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    Save time and money by getting important travel information all in one place without the fluff.
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    Get the facts on 15 of the most important items that will make or break your trip to Taiwan.
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    This mini-travel guide is designed to help you plan the safest and most entertaining trip possible. 

Navigating a Different Culture that Speaks a Different Language is Incredibly Challenging

This Taiwan GO Sheet is a one-stop no-frills travel guide designed to ensure your trip is stress free.

Stop wasting time spending hours manually searching through outdated online travel forums trying to figure out the best way to get from the airport to the city.  Save money by learning whether you should rent a car on rely on public transportation. 

And, get cultural insights about Taiwan's language, how the treat tourists, driving habits, and more. 

“Traffic safety is a concern if you choose to rent a motor scooter as drivers are fairly aggressive.”

You could spend every night after work for the next several weeks trying to scour the Internet for this information or buy an overpriced outdated travel guide. But, there's a better solution. Get all of the most important information right now in one clean and organized cheat sheet.

Some of the topics covered:


Is Taiwan a cash culture or can you use your non-local credit card? Where can you get cash if you need it in a hurry?


How safe is Taiwan compared to your home country, and what are the biggest risks you may face during your visit?


How far will English get you by when trying to communicate with Taiwanese, and how serious in the language barrier?

Summary of What You’ll Get...

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    Save Time & Money
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    Reduce Pre-trip Stress
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    Know What You're Getting Into
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    Easy to Store on Your Phone 

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